Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This young lad is one of many...

Steve the Stump

Steve the stump, he's a fun loving individual who is only looking to find someone as rooted to life as he is.

Snack Time

What better way to start a day then by having a snack.

lets take a Vespa Ride

Always wanted to make a scene with myself and my dogs riding a vespa. I will get back to you eventually.

Lets give it up for Union Station everyone!

Walking through here every day I decided to just create where I walk!

Time to water the flowers

I kind of just wanted to create something lighter!

How about a spaceship!

This was a fun piece to fly myself out to the moon!

All well and good, but....

How about some personal work. Interesting as it is, I noticed my personal work ends up leaning more toward the cartoony world.
Lets start with this environment.

Unannounced Project

For the past year I have been working on an unannounced project which unfortunately I am not allowed to post any of the screen grabs. What I can do is show them privately to anyone who might be interested. This is somewhat of a bummer since this is what the last year of my life has gone to. Oh well.

Dan LaDuca

F.E.A.R. 3- The Needle

Working on FEAR3 was a pleasure. The people were great and extremely talented and I was working on a first person shooter, which I hadn't done yet. When I was assigned The Needle I was even more thrilled. Here I was about to tackle an outdoor city that was crumbling under the players feet. How cool is that!

I was the level lead and with my right hand modeler, Will Kowach, we were able to crush this city. After the level was done more hands came on to help clean up and make pretty. An extremely talented Andrew Clark came in and polished up the textures and another extremely talented artist, Matt Quickel came in and did some last minute tweaking. There are many more hands that helped out, so thank you as well. This level was a team effort and although it was rough at times, when is making games not rough at times, it was awesome to create.

Dan LaDuca

F.E.A.R. 3- The Needle

Needle level in F.E.A.R. 3

Tony Hawk-Ride

This was an interesting project. I had just come from using the Unreal Engine to what would be the companies own engine. On top of having to learn this new engine we were using XSI, which was new in itself. I have used both Maya and Max before but this was an entirely different beast. Never the less, we pushed through.

I came into this company as an Environment Artist Lead. In the following images I am sure you are wondering, well what did he do and what didn't he do? I created the environments for these levels which includes the modeling and texture and some of the layout of course.  I had help from a talented designer, Tom Farnsworth, and an extremely talented modeler, David Lesperance.