Tuesday, December 6, 2011

F.E.A.R. 3- The Needle

Working on FEAR3 was a pleasure. The people were great and extremely talented and I was working on a first person shooter, which I hadn't done yet. When I was assigned The Needle I was even more thrilled. Here I was about to tackle an outdoor city that was crumbling under the players feet. How cool is that!

I was the level lead and with my right hand modeler, Will Kowach, we were able to crush this city. After the level was done more hands came on to help clean up and make pretty. An extremely talented Andrew Clark came in and polished up the textures and another extremely talented artist, Matt Quickel came in and did some last minute tweaking. There are many more hands that helped out, so thank you as well. This level was a team effort and although it was rough at times, when is making games not rough at times, it was awesome to create.

Dan LaDuca

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